by Emily Minto

The song ‘Right here in my life' started on Mother’s Day 2013 when I was walking up on one of the mountains in Canberra. I had a baby and toddler at the time and I felt that phrase from God just drop in to my spirit: "I’m right here in your life". It brought so much comfort and joy to know that in the busyness of being a young mum that God saw me, and understood, and was doing life with me. 

About a year after that I was up walking on the same mountain, and my heart was really heavy for some close friends and family of ours who were each going through a really difficult time with their young children, causing a lot of heartache and pain. I was on this mountain praying for them, and that same phrase came back to me: "I’m right here in your life”. It was like God was saying: “I’m right there in their lives”. 

God was reminding me that He is Emmanuel, that He is 'God with us'. He has walked this world and is familiar with pain. He knows pain and feels our pain with us. And He understands our suffering because He has suffered himself. 

So as I was walking along I started to sing out some of these thoughts what were coming to me as I was praying: "Oh great God You are never far away, You’ve overcome it all, Your love will light the way through the darkest night. You see it all, You know it all, there is nothing that is hidden from Your sight”. I was just singing it into my phone as I was walking along, and then came home and developed the song further. 

Every circumstance that we will ever face in this life, no matter how hard is may be, is under the feet of Jesus. His victory is secure. And this God of victory is walking with us in our lives; this God of victory is speaking in our defence and interceding for us. What hope that brings! This hope lights the way through the darkest times of our lives. 

God is with us, He is right here in our lives. He is never far away. He’s here to make us strong, to make us brave. There is an appointed end to suffering and to pain. And He is preparing a place for us where there will be no more pain or suffering; where there is wholeness. We hold on to that hope as we walk through this life, whether we see an end to the pain here or whether it’s the other side when we go to heaven. We know there is an appointed end to pain and suffering. And God is right here in our lives, with us, through it all. 

Emily Minto, September 2015


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