by Mirjam Butler

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I started writing ‘Chased' when I was in Toronto, doing the Bible school there. I was dealing a lot with past hurt and going through some inner healing. Growing up I sometimes felt as if God was pretty distant. As in, sometimes He’d be really close and then He’d 'go away'. I was dealing with this in Toronto and asking God "Where are you?” 

But God turned it all around and showed me that since Eden, since walking in the garden, He was looking for Adam and Eve saying “Where are you? Where are you?”. And He’s been chasing me in the same way! He turned it around and showed me that rather than me chasing after Him and striving, He’s been chasing after me. He is not far away, He is closer than my breath. 

And then I moved to Australia, and at small group we were worshipping and this spontaneous chorus came up: “You’ve been faithful all my life, surely I am, surely I am chased by Your love”. We were singing this over and over again, and it was ministering to us all. It kind of summarised that whole ‘revelation' that I’d got earlier, that He’s been pursuing me, that He’s been faithful and that He’s been there. Surely I've been chased by His love!

Mirjam Butler, June 2015.

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